Transition Day

Hi everyone!

I have officially decided to transition my journal entries on CaringBridge over to a blog.  I now have the energy and time to do it and I am excited!  CaringBridge is a God-send of a website that helps families in critical illness crisis communicate with their friends and families on updates about their loved ones who are ill.  With Jordon’s passing it is now time for me to move off that website and on to something more appropriate, and hopefully this will be it.

This blog is about sharing our family’s journey of before and after the death of my husband, Jordon Barker, from malignant melanoma, a deadly skin cancer.  I am going to write about everything in as honest a fashion as I know how.  After talking to so many of you out there, I hear similar stories all the time.  It is just a fact that people don’t talk in detail too much about illness, dying, death, physical separation, grieving, connectivity and believing in the signs from above.  I am going to write about it all.  Getting it all out is my road to recovery.  Please, please understand that this is not self-absorption, but rather sharing of what is in my heart and mind because I know this is a collective experience for us all, and I am just one person who is just driven to write about it.  After all, none of us escapes death and none of us escapes losing someone we love throughout our lives.  The grieving process can be different, I know it can.  I believe in continuum and connectivity and acceptance of physical separation.  My heart goes out to those that are stuck in the separation.  It is my mission to help those rise above being stuck and to live in the connection that is truly there for us to embrace.  And with moving forward comes happiness and grace that surrounds us with light.  Acceptance and living in connectivity is a gift for us to unwrap and to cherish, respect, and to learn from.

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