Communication is Key


“Jordon, honey, wake up.” “Try and wake up, please. Jackson is here now. He’s in from school to see you.” We were at hospice and it was 4:00 and Jackson had just come in from school to see him. Jordon woke up slightly and opened his eyes and said as clear as a bell- “Hey bud, how was your day?” That was the last clear sentence Jordon spoke before he died. I was focused on Jackson, his reaction, his well-being, my own voice, the room, at that moment. Jackson needed to leave soon after and I understood. Too much for an eleven year old. Too much for any year old….

We didn’t know this would be his last day and last night. We didn’t know if it was the medicine or the cancer that was causing this alarming downturn that day. I suppose he didn’t know either or he would have said something different to Jackson. I think we all thought he had time. I try to make meaning out of those last words he spoke so clearly. Those are words he spoke to Jackson everyday after school when he would come home. Jordon was always interested in Jackson’s life. Genuinely interested. He was an amazing father and that was a huge reason why I loved him so much.

All I can glean from this last conversation is the fact that it occurred. And it occurred between Jackson and Jordon. And I am so thankful that it happened. Back to simplicity. A simple conversation of a few sentiments between a father and a son who love each other very much. How fitting. A question so important and simple that Jackson can keep with him for the rest of his life. My dad cares, he cares how my day was. He still cares, Jackson. He’s watching over you, protecting and guiding, and showing you a path if you watch for the signs and believe. Notice and believe are two words I will make sure he fully understands and never forgets.

The next day was Father’s Day. He played in a championship flag football game and his team won. They won big. Jackson caught an interception and ran the ball in for a touchdown. Jackson is an amazing, beautiful, talented human being. At the end of the game I took a picture of him and the team. He had his finger pointing up as if to say “we’re number one!” but also it was pointing up for Jordon. He was saying, “Hey Dad! My day was great!! Thanks for asking!”Image

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