The Spiritual and Physical Connection We All Have


I’m burning some sage leaves today while sitting at my desk.  Yesterday was a bad day but it needed to happen and I am looking to clear the negative energy away and bring in the positive.  Clearing with sage is an ancient practice followed by many cultures and most religions and it settles the soul, clears the air, and invites in peace.  I want to write about a vision of physical and spiritual connectedness I had while sitting with a special friend.  I am so grateful for the people in Jackson and my life.  I feel richly blessed and I wonder if I will ever be able to give back what I have received.

 Most of us think that gifts of psychic abilities, clairvoyance, “knowings”, visions, and intuitive understandings are for a selected few people or those of us who have a gift.  I want to share what my beliefs are about this phenomenon.  I believe we are all gifted and this is all normal, and we have looked to others and to the writings of our faiths for example when they are often right in front of our faces.  We all have a “6th” sense if you will and the vast majority of us have ignored it or not spoken openly about it with others.  When I talk with friends and people I meet without a filter in my heart I hear amazing stories all the time of people seeing a grandparent that has passed away and suddenly appeared during a time of crisis.  Others talk about their signs they have seen, dreams, intuitions, and stories they keep closely guarded and not talked about as to not be seen as “crazy”.  This needs to stop and the doors of our hearts need to open.  Miracles, experiences, and visions need to be on the open market.  The stories didn’t end with the Bible.  They are all around us everyday, we just need to be open and accepting and notice.

 I want to give you two amazing examples of the spiritual, emotional, and physical connectedness we all have in their most simplistic forms.  We see them and experience them all the time but perhaps not fully being aware of what is really happening.   My favorite example of this is when a child has scraped his knee on the concrete and he is in physical and emotional pain from his experience.  He comes in and you sit him up on the counter and you wash his little wound, give it a little disinfection treatment, and then put a band-aid on.  But he really doesn’t stop crying until you kiss the band-aid and assure him it will be okay.  You are healing him physically- but mostly he believes and knows the kiss is what heals.  That is spiritualty at its highest form.  You, as the parent, heal.  Your actions heal.  Your love heals.  Children know this and believe it because their hearts are pure and accepting.

Another example remains one of my favorites of spiritual and physical connectness.  Often times when a wife is pregnant the husband will take on the emotional and physical pains of his wife.  Jordon did this.  His appetite increased, even his cheeks were puffy by the end of the nine-month process.  He often felt what I felt.  During that time his “empathic 6th” senses were on high alert.  He was amazingly connected to our process on a physical and emotional level.  How does that happen?  What does it say?  The memory makes me smile and now the positive energy is flowing back in and I am going to go about my day now…..

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