The World Cup: In Communion

The World Cup. All are gathered in anticipation for the final game. It is a synchronic communion cup passed and shared in love among all countries and is inclusionary. Who are the players and why is soccer so important to the world at large? Simple. It is inclusionary. Soccer gathers all from all points of the earth to come together for the game. It is pure. Anyone, homeless orphan to multimillionaire has access to a ball, a field, and friends. Soccer is the sport of life. The playing field in soccer is levelled and the true best of the best rise to greatness. Everyone gets a shot at greatness. Other sports are wonderful, but due to many reasons are exclusionary in nature- money, time, travel permit only those with access to those elements. Other sports only show you partial truths as not everyone can show up to compete. Soccer is a sports metaphor for spiritual attainment and enlightenment. Everyone has access. It brings the world together and ignites passion and connection.
We are all players on the field. Running. Kicking. Diving. Passing. We move and stretch ourselves to our limits. It is a human dance done with grace and agility showing truth in action. The ball bouncing and soaring shows the unpredictability in life. We condition our minds and bodies to respond rather than react. Responding keep you ahead of the play and in control of you mind and actions. Reacting has you missing the point. The net. Not getting there in time and watching and missing an important opportunity go past you. When connecting with family, friends, strangers, loved ones- respond with positive intent and you will land your goal.


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