God is a Master Glass Blower

The process of grief is like the making of crystal or glass. We are sand, the basic elemental of glass, and God is a master glass blower. The sand burns in the fire to melt and mould it into something entirely different. To me, the fire is grief. It burns and purifies. Some souls get stuck in the fire not understanding what it is naturally there for. When grief is accepted, understood, and appreciated the person can remove himself from the fire, cool off, heal, and become reflective, clarified, and pure in thought and understanding.

What do you want your glass or crystal to look like? What do you want to refect back into the world knowing everything that you now know? How do you want to represent yourself to others? Recognizing that this is a personal choice gives you great power over your destiny. Life is about choices and freewill. You can choose the life of a utility glass and know that the world needs you. You can choose to be crystal capable of amazing reflectivity. Understand that either choice is good. Knowing you have the choice is what matters when going through the grief process. You have the ability to control, shape, and mould yourself after the fire. Have you ever watched glass blowers mould and shape crystal? They blow and shape and chip and cut away what does not serve. Time represents the cooling process and it heals. Then the light and energy from above strikes the crystal and a beautiful reflection is born.  You are now ready to go be shiny and helpful and serve your purpose.


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