The Nautical Truth


There is a river basin that feeds into the ocean. The flowing water from the river over time brings with it sediment and other matter with it that slowly fills the basin and adds layer upon layer of sand, rocks, and other elements to form a solid seabed. I liken levels of tolerance to pain and setbacks to the addition of this sediment into the sea floor. It grows over time and it doesn’t stop. What happens is remarkable. You think your feelings and pain get worse as setbacks happen~ but the opposite occurs. Your tolerance to what comes your way deepens and you are capable to withstand more that you know. My heart is deep in the brackish water and I’m not sure if my mind and heart need the sea or the river to survive. Brackish water is confusing and I know I must look up even though the water burns my eyes and swim towards the light above. The elementals are there to test you- to move you forward in their tides. Trying to tread water and stay in one place is impossible and will do you no good. Your purpose in life is moving forward. Don’t fight it. You would think the tide washes away and leaves you with less. But the way the sea works is counter-intuitive in that it is building and growing, and changing and creating new shorelines all the time~ the sand doesn’t go away~ it just moves. There is a nautical remapping process in nature and in grief. Things change. The shorelines change- so the rules change. The depth of the water changes and the safety zones must be recreated to reflect the new routes to take, hazards in life to avoid, and open waters to let your sails fully out so your boat glides across the water to safer, happier shores.

You are in your boat now. You are your own captain. The water is your education. The wind is your guide, and the sun and the rain are your friends and foes- you need them both but they can and will help and harm you. You have to find balance with the elements and not give over your power. Life is about navigating though it all. Your boat is your given lot in life, your pre-ordained assignment that you chose before you came into this world. Your heart and mind are your compass. Let them guide you. As you are learning how to navigate through tough times, remember assigning yourself a prefixed time-table in healing is like cuffing your self and walking the plank to fall overboard. Time-tables for healing don’t allow for true movement of the heart and mind. You need to be able to jump off that plank and swim when you are ready. Some people jump right in and seize the moment. Some sit on the plank and dangle their feet in the water until the time is right for them. Others are scared and stay on the deck forever watching the others splash about. Life is about choices. My choice is jumping in and seizing the moment. Why wait? Come on in, the water’s fine!

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