Holding Each Other Accountable

Reflecting back to Jackson’s healing process. What an amazing boy he is. I learn a lot from him. xo

Holly C Barker


(This picture was taken on one of the nights that was especially hard on both of us while Jordon was sick.  We had had a very long day and we tried to carve out some fun time at the end of the evening playing around with selfies.)

One night awhile back Jackson came down stairs troubled by a thought he was having. Children really think deeply, it’s just the description or verbalization that they have trouble with. Jackson is an old soul and he doesn’t really have much trouble in this department. And we are really connected, he and I. What I am happy about is that we always shared this connection so there really has been no change in the depth of our discussions; just more discussions as to be expected. This one night in particular will be a night that will be branded into my mind of just…

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