Our Chosen Perspective Changes Everything~ Mike Dooley

We see what we look for. We hear what we want to hear. We believe what we want to believe.

Last week I watched a news show. They are reporting on the murder of a journalist, politics and campaigning, and interest rates rising. Do we really stop to think that there is a whole world out there where positive things are happening? What made us a society that wants to focus on the bad? When did evil and hate and violence become the topic of choice and not love, compassion, treaties, and sharing? When did good elements fall out of favour? Here is my humble perspective for what it’s worth….

I have turned on the TV twice since Jordon died. Both times were to check the weather forecast. Last week was the first day I turned on the news. Wow! What a different feeling I have now as I watch what is going on in the world. I feel like I just returned from a space journey to land in a new time. I’ve had enough to deal with on my own little planet and other issues haven’t made my priority list lately. The murder and protests and economy and the slant and focus is sooo telling of where we all are. So perpetually negative. We are tuning in and plugging emotional energy into the negative. We see it on TV or other media, feel it, and absorb it and some of that energy manifests into our beliefs and value systems. It grows there. We become acclimated to it and accept it as truth. Well~ it isn’t Truth. We can change what we want to see and believe. We can turn with our own minds this darkness we feel around us that is omnipresent in the media into light if we collectively want to. Negativity has manifested over the years in the media but so can positivity with even greater possibilities of transformative manifestation. With personal intent we can refocus that which ultimately serves us better as people, friends and co-workers, families, neighbours, and the larger society. Focusing on the positive even in bad situations helps the roots of our mind grow. Positive acts need an audience. Think of positivity as an oak tree. Soil, water, and sunlight feed the tree. Those positive elementals make a sturdy oak grow. Any focus off these elementals will kill the spirit of the tree and it will not flourish. This is the Law of the Universe for trees and for the world.


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