On Conquering Fear

Conquering fear of the unknown is a high level accomplishment for any of us. Fear is your prison. It holds you back behind the metal bars of your mind. . It keeps you from experiencing joy and light and freedom of physical, mental, and emotional movement. Fear traps you in a cell of disempowerment and locks away the key. When we conquer our fears and move forward in our lives we become stronger for it. All the elementals are waiting for us- love, happiness, disappointment, success, failure, connection and disconnect. It is all there. Fear is what holds us back….not the disappointment. Not the failure or disconnect. When we conquer the fear in our heart, we will be strong enough to accept the negative elements that are in our world and to learn and grow from them. Conquering fear makes us stronger and it gives us the power to overcome the setbacks and hurdles that life sets in our way. Enlightenment happens at this point and we come full circle in our path. We can now enjoy and bask in all the gifts, peace, and happiness in our lives knowing fear has been laid to rest and whatever trials come our way can be overcome.



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