Divine Inhibition

IMG_0364It was 5:30 am and I was still asleep when I had the lucid dream of Jordon last week.  It was vivid and almost real. It was one of those dreams where you are in between consciousness and sleep.  I was in the foyer. It was late morning. Jordon walked in in a rush with his work shirt on carrying his backpack. His face was pained. He looked at me and I said to him completely stunned, “Hi!  You’re home?”  He said, “Yea- I’m home from work early, I have a cold” as he was reaching into his backpack. His voice was clear as a bell. Jordon had a very distinctive voice. One that was very recognizable. It woke me up in an instant. As I was lying there still absorbing the dream not knowing if I should be happy that I heard his voice or sad that I heard his voice~ a vision washed over me. It was a memory flashback from last winter.  We were in the doctor’s office, he and I. He had been called back to see her after taking a blood test and all his levels were way off. Almost everything. It was very disturbing to me and we were going in to talk about it. Our emotional environment on that day was like rising levels of concern in the situation. I was in the upper level feeling the alarm in my heart. Jordon was on the lowest level possible in his mind. There we were looking at each other from above and below with great disconnect. The doctor was in the middle. I decided to make light of the situation and I asked the nurse for some tape. I covered my mouth with tape and sat quietly. What else could I do?

 Flash forward to the present. Gone is the disconnect. Gone is the uncertainty…..Gone is the tape I placed over my mouth. Tonight I have sat humbled listening to stories my friends have told me about how my sharing has impacted them in positive ways. I am one person with one story that we will all eventually experience in one form or another. I am sharing that experience in the best way I know how. We all need to share these experiences. We all need less fear and more acceptance of the divine experience of death. We are not alone. We are loved, provided for, and cared about from above.  We all have the ability to see and feel the signs.  It is Heaven’s language to us. It is universal and all encompassing. It is compassionate and truthful. The connection exists and it is beautiful. I will never put tape over my mouth again.

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