There are special times of the year that we all look forward to~ birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries. When I was a child I used to look forward to these days as they seemed magical to me. I would simmer in excitement for weeks over my birthday and Christmas. I would lose sleep and daydream of the whole event- the presents, the parties, the food, the awe and sense of wonderment in how Santa Clause made his way to my house, onto the roof, and into the den without detection. I always was wanting to be a year older~ so my birthdays were accomplishments. I enjoyed the feeling that another year added on to my life brought to me. It meant more knowledge, more freedoms, more responsibility that I was willing to take on. I enjoyed the celebration of it all, the happiness and the connection with family and friends.

Tonight I celebrated a birthday that was not mine. I was caught up in the moment this evening with a real appreciation for celebration. I found myself soaking up the energy and the enjoyment of a milestone and an accomplishment for another. It made me reflect back and flash forward. How do I want these upcoming holidays to be for me? And for Jackson? Do we suffer in void and lack or do we fill the space of the day with appreciation, gratitude, and joy? The day is ours to seize. It is a clear canvass ready to be painted on. We choose the colors. We choose what we want to project and portray and paint.

When you are going through a tough time in your life~ it’s not just about keeping a good face on an important day~ its about really embracing an important holiday for what it is and celebrating without barriers in your heart. It is innately human to celebrate. To honor important dates in our lives. To celebrate those memories and milestones. We do it without thinking as a natural part of the human condition. The part we have to try on is recognizing we have to find that long-lost childlike excitement we all had back when we didn’t know loss, or problems, or worldly troubles. We are all capable of this if we allow ourselves to feel it. Experience it. Appreciate the day and those in our lives that make all the difference!

Happy Birthday!


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