The Vision From Above


On a bitter cold day in February I was feeling sickly and fatigued. Looking back I now know that I was taking on Jordon’s pain from his cancer and I was looking to soothe my aching body that needed some rest. When I say “taking on” I mean that I have an ability to feel other people’s emotions and pain, happiness or depression from a physical to a spiritual level. I am an empath. I physically feel empathy and I know where pain resides when I am around someone with whom I feel a connection. Jordon had severe pain in many areas before he was diagnosed with cancer, and I intrinsically knew what was happening.

This particular day I was seeking some personal relief from his pain and space for my mind to rest. I created a personal sanctuary around my tub in my bathroom. The walls are purple- the highest heavenly color. I added beautiful oxygen-expressing plants around it to add life and candles to bring in fire. The hot salt water seeped in to my pain and eased the ache that had come to stay. I was feeling a lot of energy that day and needed to open my mind to what the message was for me. As soon as I sank in the beautiful vision began to play out.

Jesus was with me. We were in a small rowboat and he was rowing me out into a lake. I was lying face up yet I could see both above me and below me into the water. I could hear very clearly the oars making their way through the water while clacking off the metal binders that kept them anchored to the boat. Jesus was rowing. I was a passenger. I was there to learn. He had something important to share with me and I was open to understanding. As the rowing came to a halt, I looked toward the end of the boat and a small beautiful angel came down and landed on the edge. She was carrying a plaque, but it was empty of words or descriptive art of any kind. Just as I noticed there was nothing written or drawn, the meaning came to me all at once without my having to read or to ask or to look elsewhere. Here was the message given to me by a little angle, who was asked to join us by Jesus.

She showed me a pendulum. One side of the pendulum swinging represented doing to much. Going for it all. Never being satisfied. Over-achiever. Then the pendulum swung to the other side. On the other side was not caring. Not seeking. Inaction. Then the pendulum after swinging for some time began, by the law of the universe, to rest in the middle. Exactly where it was supposed to be. The message then came loud and clear.

Just be and just do.

Simplicity. Balance. Imagine yourself a pendulum resting in its natural state. Clarity in its highest form. Imagine if we could take this message and apply it to life and how we approach everything we do. What kind of world would we live in?

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