A Fish in a Puddle

When you live your life near the surface and don’t spend too much time diving into the deep to gain greater wisdom, you run a great risk living as a fish. The deep provides understanding and gives you a greater sense of the bigger picture of life. You see new places, experience new things, meet other fish whom you might learn something from. Some fish you meet might be your friend or they just might be smaller than you and pose no risk. Other fish are not so friendly and they may be hungry so you need to learn the skills on how to swim away or how to avoid becoming lunch.

Life is about risk and reward. How far you swim down, what you are willing to experience and learn, how much you crave the education of the deep will determine how you handle yourself when a crisis arrives. Life is beautiful in the deep. The colors and designs of God’s creatures are magnificent. The coral and sea plants are something to behold. Be not afraid, for God gives you the ability to see down there if you are willing to dive deep. The light manages to make it through and reflects a spectacular beauty. Once you practice wading into the deep you gain a greater perspective on the vibrancy of life, on the finned company that you keep, and how to avoid your bigger, hungry neighbors. You had the guts to venture down and to swim away when the barracuda passed you by; therefore, you build the confidence to know when something happens you can handle the waves and the current and not let it make you lose your way.

It is an unfortunate case that some fish think that by living on the surface of the water that it is a safer place to be. They do not wish to seek the deeper unknown. Their communication with other finned and shelled types and their sentiments and aquatic actions are shallow. Outwardly they appear as if all is perfect as that is what they want their scales to reflect out to others. But they live in fear. And it holds them back from learning how to navigate into the deep.

Here is the truth. You cannot hide from what life brings you. Sometimes from the air comes bad weather. The sea retracts and the sand bars reform from the hurricanes in life. Living on the surface might trap you on the other side of that sand bar and slowly from the wind and the sun the water dissipates as nature breaks up the oxygen from the hydrogen and returns it to the air reclaiming that which it gave. You will find yourself a fish in a puddle. And that is not a good place for a fish to be. So. Not coming out of your comfort zone in life is just as much of a risk. And it’s a high price to pay when you’re a fish.


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