A Day with the Ancients

I am learning so much about myself on this journey I have taken to Colorado. Getting back to nature and to peaceful surroundings has been just what my soul needed to re-connect. It is an amazing process to allow your heart to open and allow it to gravitate towards what it needs and craves to be whole again. I am trying not to direct my experiences here and just allowing the universe to make the stepping-stones appear under my feet as I walk across this beautiful stream of life. Trust and faith and openness allows in all things good and clears out the clutter in my heart and mind, the stress from what life brings, and the difficulties that weigh on my heart. I am breathing it all out today. Today is my last full day here. I know without a doubt it will be as extraordinary as all the others have been.

Yesterday I took a road trip down to Mesa Verde National Park and went to see the ancient cliff dwellings. What a powerful, amazing experience. The moment I stepped into the little city my heart started fluttering and a blue haze covered my vision and the feeling of laughter, energy, happiness, and fun filled my space. These ancient people were happy there. It seemed like a summer retreat and the visions of little children playing were everywhere. Such is the case when you are sensitive to energy, you can sense the emotional climate around you and all I felt there was fun and happiness. This spot must have been an oasis for those seeking rest after a day out hunting and the children climbing around the rocks and trees and skipping along the paths filled their childhoods with pure joy. Such experiences over the centuries create an enormous positive energy link that never goes away. I could feel the late night gatherings, ceremonies, fires, and the comfort of those that lived the experience there.


I battled my fears coming to this ancient space. I have a keen fear of heights and being out-of-control as a passenger whether it’s in a car or in life in general. The road to the dwellings was treacherous. The cutout roads linking the outside world to the ancient civilization there in the desert was an experience worth facing. The narrow two-lane road was a challenge to navigate with hairpin blind turns and the cliffs plummeting down thousands of feet below. It was a multi-level test of life and death. Stay on your path. Have faith. Don’t concern yourself with looking down or looking back~ look forward. Face forward toward your goals and draw up your courage and confidence to know you will navigate this journey with strength of heart and ask your angels for protection and guidance.


God teaches us about our lives through examples on a regular basis if we open up to the education of it all. Overcoming fears and refection of the experience are paths to learning and being open to the elements that come our way help us to learn, heal, love, and bond. How beautiful.


2 thoughts on “A Day with the Ancients

  1. I’m not skilled in this technology. I’m 81 years of age, widowed for 2 years after almost 59 years of marriage. Only got into this a year after my husband passed. I thouroly enjoyed your story. It reminded me of when John and I rode the narrow gage railroad train from Ouray Co. to Silverton (round trip). It was quite an experience. Thank you for words.


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