The Angel in the Stream

I had a feeling today would be special. Today is the last full day to soak in all that Telluride has to offer and I decided to once again hike and see what I  could take in. The first sign was a Magpie- a beautiful, magnificent bird hopped along the fence next to us for awhile and he scooted off when he felt we were just a little too close for his comfort. He stayed with me for quite some time and I took him all in. His size and blue, white, and black feathers are something to behold. Thank you, Magpie for sharing your beauty with us and for your trust.


I then continued on through the Aspen trees. This is the perfect time of year for them as they get to show off their glowing golden beauty. What regal trees! They hold secrets and they tell stories and they watch you very carefully as you go by. They grow in clusters and they all stand as individuals yet they are deeply connected through their root systems. They stick together and hold guard and watch. Their white trunks are perfect to showcase their eyes, so alluring and wise. Thank you, Aspen Trees for watching over us today.


I ended up miles down the river at a basin for an old mill that was built during the Great Depression. We crossed through the “no trespassing” signs and went down into the years of refuse from the mill to the beautiful rocks and rushing waters to take a break and have our lunch.  I was drawn to the icy water and the glistening rocks and decided my feet needed some refreshment. I took my shoes off and slid down some rocks and rested my feet into the water. The cold washed over my skin and stung my toes, but it was healing as my feet are tired from a week’s worth of travel. The sun was casting streams of light into my vision and a particular beam of light didn’t bend like the others. And her color was a peachy hue. She stood up straight and moved when I moved. She was beautiful. I opened my mind and let her show me what she wanted me to see. I cleared my mental space and asked what do you want to tell me? A vision of the future, of security, of joy, of peace and prosperity filled my grateful heart. I made a promise to my peachy angel. We made a private pact. When my attention came back to the stream I turned to my left and my eyes rested on a small piece of white quartz near a red rock. Thank you, Beautiful Peachy Angel. Thank you for today.



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