Ain’t No Mountain High Enough



Life is lived in the valleys and the mountains. There is very little learning in the flatlands of life. They are all just a part of the terrain of this life we are in.  As your mom, Jackson, I will stay by your side the whole way.  We will climb the mountains together and we will rest in the valleys when we reach them.  We will take each challenge as it comes and we will celebrate the sunsets, the waterfalls, and the vistas of life.  We will make peace with our terrain and grow strong from the journey.  We may feel the elements in life and grow weary from the climb, but our reward is waiting. And yet, my daily gratitude for you continues to amplify everyday. I am so impressed with your wise, introspective young life and I know it will serve you well as you quickly grow into this man you are.  Your spirit glows and shines brightly and it serves as a reminder of why we are here.  I know you can do this! I know we can do this!

Love you~


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