Escaping the Pinball Wizard

Every person on this planet is born innocent and good.  There is no such thing as a bad baby.  When we are born we are our core selves, undeveloped and new.  We never lose that core, but the world comes in and influence takes over and we become a product of our environment and grow from the impact the world has on us. This collective human experience has impact and it creates a pinball machine effect into the world.  Once we receive negative or positive energy from another it becomes kinetic energy and takes on a life of its own. The actions of others, both positive and negative, influence our decisions and thought processes.  It is this action and our own reaction that takes us away from our true selves and we begin to divest our own personal positive energy and give it away to others through disappointment and expectations. We become blocked from our own divine light and stand in our own way, and we remove our focus from that which is our core beliefs in ourselves and react to our environment in that pinball machine. Noise, defection, chaos, and slamming our palms to the button to keep the ball from rolling down til the game is over is how we defensively react through our human nature.  The object of the game is whoever gets the most points wins. Do we really ever “win” an argument?  Do we stop to think what is lost when we do win?  What impact have we created on ourselves and on others?  Are we acting from our core selves or from the impact of our environment?

We have choices.  And the choice starts with focus and acceptance.  We must accept that others will react and treat us within their understanding of their environment. They are going through the same thing as it is a reflective mirror image.  It starts with you.  It starts with me. You, me, individually we must pull our focus away from the disappointments and resentments and anger we feel towards others and instead create a powerful focus on the innocent good self that we all have.  From that focus on self, we then radiate out good and positive intent into our world.  We have to accept that we might not be in an environment that is hospitable to our new focus, but that won’t matter because our focus is on good, and peace, and acceptance of our surroundings.  This type of positive kinetic energy spreads as well.

In the inevitable end, the ball rolls down and the score is tallied.  Life can continue like this for us until we tire and decide to move our focus out of the arcade.  There is no peace in an arcade. What could be peace and harmony when we forgive and accept becomes an internal defensive war within our hearts and outward actions. The key to happiness and peace is stepping out of the arcade and returning to self-focus. When we focus on our core selves and the love and light within and accept others on unconditional grounds, we bring in peace to our surroundings and it radiates out that which you want to come back to you. It is karma. It is the law of attraction. It is the golden rule. Open your eyes to the outside of others and to their struggles and obstacles that have been placed in their lives.  Then try to see their core self and accept the whole picture because they are a reflection of you and your core and your obstacles and struggles. The beauty of this process is amazing and healing. Acceptance and forgiveness of others creates acceptance and forgiveness within and peace and grace in your heart is the reward.


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