When you help one, you help many~

When you help one, you help many.


Mother Teresa once said, “ Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” There is a profound, deeper meaning to her words through her simplistic, thoughtful, loving advice. Look at the impact she had on the world. Her actions and thoughts were based on the daily individual connections she made. Her work had impact that is still in motion today. She is telling us we have the ability to do the same. Whether we see the result of our actions or not is not the point. When you help that person nearest you with good intent and with a loving focus, that person then is able to move forward as well to help another, and another, and another. And those persons move forward doing the same. The act starts with you and exponentially your actions create positive momentum forward and fan out farther than you can imagine. Open you mind. Can you see it?

There is a simple message here. It is spiritual physics in motion. Positive kinetic energy passes from one person to another for the greater good of all. The reverberations of kindness towards another causes a positive chain reaction of events and serve as a catalyst of health and healing both physical and emotional in nature not just for the person that you help, but also for yourself.

Thank you for your insight, Mother Teresa. You truly are a saint!

Another example:


One thought on “When you help one, you help many~

  1. Great post Holly. I used to work with Jordon and am so impressed by your blog. It brings such great insight and wisdom to what I know must a very difficult time. My daughter enjoyed this post as well as she just finished a report on Mother Teresa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think your blog has a lot to offer. All my best to you and Jackson. (LF)


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