The Truth About Honesty


Being honest with those we connect with in our lives starts with being honest with your core self. When we operate from our true selves and take honest appraisals of what it in our hearts and minds we can find ourselves in a position of being truthful with others because we are navigating from our inner truth.   The outcome is trust. And this process takes strength and a firm sense of self-worth to move forward because in this world we live in, it is all too easy to have our trust broken. When we find that person in our life that we can trust it is an amazing bonding experience and it soothes the soul and we can settle into a level of comfort and peace that is like nothing else. This process is a delicate dual balance and it takes being honest and loving, open and willing to listen to each other. What a beautiful rare gift we have available to us if we just open our hearts to one another and allow in this experience.

All too often trust is broken and we feel let down or hurt. Our hearts harden to the outside and we guard our core selves for we know our own goodness. But what we don’t realize is when we guard our hearts we close ourselves down from this gift and true happiness cannot be attained. We begin to stand in our own way. What we need and seek, we ourselves block.

Once again, this is a choice we make for ourselves. Our focus needs to be on what we want, not what we are afraid of. Focus will get you through the pain of disappointment.   Strength will lead you to the one person who you can have this balance with and your heart and soul can live in harmony together. This is what soul mates are made of. Seek this relationship with an open heart and it will find you.

Through life’s experience we learn behaviors in order to shield our hearts from pain. One of these behaviors is the shutting down of communication and not being honest. We think we protect ourselves but what we really do is cut ourselves off from that which we fully and rightfully deserve. The key is to ground yourself, know yourself, love yourself, and to be honest with yourself. When you operate from this rooted belief system in your heart and soul, you can navigate through life’s waves and keep your compass pointed towards your true north. With an open heart you will then find this person. It is the law of attraction. Seek and ye shall find.   Ask and ye shall receive.

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