Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees


Sometimes trees block our view. Or we think they do. We get so bogged down in what we are trying to accomplish that we can’t see past that tree that is in our way. Our focus becomes narrowed and our eyes settle in on that one tree. We complain. We try and move around it, but there are more trees behind and beside the one we need out of our way. We soon lose our path wandering through the brush looking for that clearing that will help us understand where we are. It is easy to get frustrated and anxious when things don’t go our way or when it is taking too long to get past something in our life. By human nature we wander and look at what catches our eye on our path in life. It is easier to pay attention to that which is distracting. A single focus on one problem can easily throw us off. Ruminating, worry, anxiety, depression, and angst can cause us all to wander off course.


Our destiny is to see the forest ~ to understand the big picture and why we are here. Everything makes sense when we see the forest over, through, and above the trees. A tree is a piece of the puzzle. One cog in the wheel. It is there to teach us something, but to stay there is not what is meant for us. We are meant to journey through the forest. We are meant to see the trees. But our goal in life is to see the forest. The sum total of our lives. When we see this view and we accept all that has come to us on our paths, we can connect with each other and love and understand with a broader, wiser, more loving, forgiving, and accepting place within our hearts. This truth works on many levels.


It is individual. We are all forests made up of different trees. We can focus on the tree that is in our way and block our connection to that person or we can see the sum total of their forest and accept all that that person is and allow the connection to take place. It is also collective. We can see the forest as our families, our communities, or whatever you form a connection with.


Everything in life starts with one and exponentially radiates from there. It is the law of the universe. Trees teach us so much and when we individually and collectively see the forest we can move steadily on our paths knowing a higher vista and knowledge awaits. All we have to do is use our internal compass to guide us through. And that internal compass is love.

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