Know Thyself, from a Planetary Perspective

The Planets and Stars Look Good From Afar….


In looking out into the open universe, the planets are beautiful. Some are red, some blue and green such as our own. The stars glisten and shine and sparkle with a light all bright. We’ve admired over the centuries their positions in the sky and their unique ability to twinkle and glow. We use our creative minds to create visual constellations emulating those shapes of people and places and things that which are familiar to us on earth. Things we value and want. We can see the rings of Saturn without much trouble and the moon shows its face to us. We form theories in our minds of patterns and visions as to what is exactly is going on up there. We don’t see the raw depth or fathom the extremes these planets and stars are existing in. From our two feet firmly planted we look up and see only what we see. What is reality up there? What is really happening to these planets and stars? Do we know the power they create whizzing through the universe at light speed or feel the heat or freeze these stars feel? How does the Sun impact Mercury? Anything can look beautiful from afar.

Such is the same truth in life. We pay too much attention to the envisioned life of others, imagining how beautiful and peaceful their lives must be. We feel alone in our troubles and very distant sometimes within our orbit of a day. Yes, Saturn’s soft glow is beautiful yet close up the storms are something powerful and destructive to behold! The moon’s face was created by forceful impact over time, but what we see is a wise face. As in the reality of stars and planets, so everyone has life to deal with. We are not alone in our worries and troubles. The beauty and the pain and the love are all shared, it is a simple universal truth for all things. Everyone in life is dealing with something.  Focus your attention to your reality and ask for happiness and healing. You know your life beyond the surface of what others can see, and that is what you have power over. You deserve your attention because you are beautiful and glowing and powerful as any planet or star. The universe says so.

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