The Divine Storm Shelter

Sometimes in this world we live in we find ourselves in the flurry of a negative vortex of someone else’s pain, discomfort, and anger. We might be the focus of it, or we might just be swept up by it from the magnetic powerful winds it creates. Hurtful words and deeds, stabbing intent, vicious vindictive actions are all a part of this vortex and it starts with a damaged mental perspective with uncontrollable dark intent and it radiates out trying to find somewhere to land like a lightening strike. The rains and hail pour out of the sky and the wind shifts violently making exposure to this storm very dangerous. You are not the creator of this storm, maybe just the catalyst to bring out in a fury what was already there.

When you find yourself in this storm remember you have a storm shelter for protection. God gives you a safe place to go for shelter and watch under his care. Stepping back from the storm and the dangers of uprooted angry objects whizzing by and moving down into the shelter below will give you a sense of peace and comfort and enduring protective love. Bring your blanket and pillow and candles and huddle in with your loved ones. Close you eyes and feel the power of protection spread over you like warm quilted blanket, stitched in love especially for you. Keep your heart and mind focused on that love and feel the light of the candle burning brightly and warmly in your little shelter. The howling winds and rain above cannot touch you. Know with experience and divine assurance that this storm will pass and once again the light will shine and the sun will once again warm your face. That is God’s promise to us. Keep your mind and heart center-focused on this shelter that God provides and not on the raging torrent of rain and anger and wind above as it is not yours to stop because you cannot. Step back. Leave that to the powers of the universe and the natural laws of karma. Storms this powerful eventually grow weary and devour themselves and dissipate out and are soon forgotten. Light and love fills the day once again.

A word to the wise. The darkness cannot be dark when it is exposed to the light. The truth will always find its way.

Sing it, Paul. Drowned out the wind.

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