The Placebo Effect


 All that is true in this world is not completely defined by statistical theory or by medical testing or study.  There is no spiritual control group here on earth as we all have souls.  There is no human placebo because there is Oneness, we all belong.  We are all one and the same.  Scientific understanding has ended in the past with the tangible.  We, as intelligent humans are now testing and proving the science of quantum physics and our knowledge of everything is changing.  This field of science is finding the truth that energy is in everything, including the intangible.  Herein lies the meeting point of science and the divine.  They co-exist as brothers creating what we know as life in the physical and life in the spiritual.  Life is sourced energy that never dies and flows in and out of physical form, in and out of different dimensions, and love is at the core.  Love is the most powerful positive energy and the source of it is God.  We are all moving in that powerful magnetic direction towards this love through life.  The Source, or God, is scientifically identifiable through our spirit in the form of our need to love and be loved.  Think of it this way:  We close down physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually without love.  With it, we move forward.  It’s spiritual and physical mathematics.  It is quantifiable.  Joy and love within the heart equals health and wellbeing.  A lack of joy and love and connection with others equals sickness. Examples abound on this phenomenon.  Look at babies who are left without connection to others in their cribs in orphanages or the elderly who live alone without care and interaction.  What happens to these poor souls?  Then think of a scene at a park with children and parents playing and enjoying a picnic.  What do these two types of interaction or “lack of” teach us about health and wellbeing?

 The truth is hidden in plain sight in all medical journals.  Look at The Placebo Effect.  When someone takes a placebo pill in a study and thinks they are doing something good for their body or mind, they often show a positive result in the outcome of the testing.  How does one take a placebo blood pressure pill and reduce their blood pressure? It happens.  How does one take a placebo antidepressant pill and feel happier?  It happens.  The mind is not playing tricks, and the blood pressure does go down.  Why?  Because we BELIEVE and that belief sends tangible energy and hope and emotion to the source of our souls and to our physical bodies to heal.  This is the truth hidden in The Placebo Effect and in the study of quantum physics.  Positive beliefs become things.  There is real healing happening and we just look over it as a fluke, yet it happens over and over again, patient after patient, study after study.  I love this truth.  God gives us the power of intelligence to heal ourselves and to learn how to develop medicines to improve our lives.  Medicine is good.  Science is good.  Medical studies are good.  And so is The Placebo Effect and our ability to heal ourselves through believing.

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