Yesterday, Today, and Tomara

Yesterday, Today, and Tomara

a letter to my dear friend struggling with cancer

Life is beautiful. It is a gift. Life gives us family and friends and happiness and sadness. Life and our experience awards us knowledge and learning and higher understanding. We have the ability to look out to the horizon, to dream about the future, and to reminisce about the past. We learn from past mistakes and hope for a peaceful and joyful tomorrow. But above it all, there is Today. Today is abundant. Today is here. It is the Now. Now is the focus of life; it is God’s gift to us and he sends his angels to remind us and to protect us.

Today is of the highest value. Speak your heart and live fully vested in the abundance of the day.   Let your love stream through you like a waterfall off the mountains, falling and crashing into the hearts and souls of those around you waiting at the basin. Your impact on those around you is vast and your kindness and compassion radiates out like the sunrise over majestic mountain peaks. You truly are royalty. Your soul is noble. Your heart is pure. You are deserving of all things good.

Do not fear tomorrow. Tomorrow is a mystery for all of us. Fear robs us of today and today is precious. Everyday is precious. Bring your focus inward when dark skies cover up your sun. Focus in on your moments, your words, your love, your gratitude and feel it coming back to you one hundred fold. Be in the now, in your room, by candlelight and feel the loving presence of those around you both in the flesh and Spirit. Feel the protection of divine love and light. Know that you are never alone. The Light and the life you’ve built around you will never leave you.


We all love you from the basins of our hearts!


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