Parenthood: Sailing into Unchartered Waters

Sending out some love tonight to those of you who are single parents and wishing you had a guide map with all the answers. Love and Light, Holly

Holly C Barker


When I met my husband I knew he was the one for me for many reasons. I knew intrinsically that he would be a good father. He was loyal and patient and loved children in general. I could just tell. I had finally found someone in my life that I could wholly trust to start a family with. It was a very powerful, grounded feeling and therefore I embarked on this journey with him and set sail into unchartered waters.

A year and a half after we married my son was born. He was amazing to behold. And it was terrifying to me. I had never changed a diaper. I had never really fed a baby a bottle except when one was placed in my arms and I was told what to do. I didn’t know what to do when Jackson cried. I cried. But I dove in with all…

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