Daily Meditative Habits 

Since our family crisis last year I have developed a daily habit of morning meditation. I use meditation for grounding. I use this open space in my morning to listen to God and my angels and deceased loved ones for guidance and peace. I work on forgiveness and anger. I bring in gratitude and thanks for the abundance in my life even though sometimes it doesn’t feel abundant. One person’s feelings of lack is another person’s paradise. I try to stay in that paradise of thankful feelings. I believe in quantum physics and the power of our minds being able to manifest what we think about and what we want.  Today I want to share an angel card with you. I asked that it be a card to help you with your day, your life, and your habits whether they need to change or grow stronger in your life.

Wishing you peace and happiness today and always. However you define the Divine~ connect!! 🌼😇👼🌈🌎

One thought on “Daily Meditative Habits 

  1. Meditation has been one of my strengths throughout my life, but never has it been so powerful as it has been following the loss of my husband. Great words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your story.


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