The Egg Nesters and the Pollen Spreaders: Advice on Keeping it Together

So we all have to live on this planet together~ men and women.  And sometimes its tough and a lot of work… Understanding each other isn’t always easy and those of you that find that ease, count your blessing daily.  There’s some lessons to be learned out there that I have observed around me in many different circles and within my own life as well.  There is a common thread I have seen that I want to express to you. See, for men (as you guys know well), your attraction to women starts with the physical. This is very primal and the way nature intended you to be. You’re protectors, and hunters, and seekers. Your judgement originates in your eyes. That’s just nature at the core level of being a man. And women should honor this truth.  For women from a primal perspective, our attraction starts with our hearts, emotions, and feelings. And guess why? Why do we have to be sensitive? Because we are to be mothers. And in ancient times there was no store to feed an infant. Our core natures come from this level of sensitivity. And none of us would be here if it wasn’t for the love of our mother’s nurturing sensitivity. And as well~ men should honor this truth.
So why do I write this you ask? Because this is the core relationship issue most find yourselves in and is often times the reason for divorce or living without love and connection. We tend to gravitate toward our core natures when we are unhappy. And over and over again I have heard friends tell me they feel cut off from what they need the most from their partner. Women often times cut men off physically when they are angry and hurt because being physical its not a woman’s singular primal core value. And a man will cut a woman off by not being emotionally affectionate, what women need the most. Emotional affection (from a primal perspective) is not at a man’s core value. Boys don’t cry!  Remember? I’m sure we’ve all heard the “all men want is sex” complaint from women and men say~ ‘I’m sick of the drama!!” Those two references are what it’s like when men and women operate from the negative side of their core natures.
Maybe herein lies an answer. Gloria Steinem once said the difficult aspect for us is to unlearn, not to learn. If you’ve been hurt. Or cheated on. Or abused or lied to. Or simply left~ the collective key here is for us to unlearn the feeding into and living out of those negative core traits and to stay focused on your significant other’s positive core need and you will find that your cup runneth over. Because when two souls focus on filling up a shared cup~ neither go thirsty.


2 thoughts on “The Egg Nesters and the Pollen Spreaders: Advice on Keeping it Together

    • I’m so sorry to hear, Andrew! If you scroll down the page there is an archives section. The journals go back to June-July of 2014. There are many journals of when my husband first passed away. I wrote everything down as honestly as I could. Maybe they can help?? Again- I am so sorry you’re having to endure this, and through the holidays too.


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