Turn the Other Cheek

Jesus’s message to us about turning the other cheek when you are struck by your enemy is a very simple one and often times the focus is mistakenly on the one receiving the strike. Toughen up. Take it. Don’t let them see you cry. That line of thinking is what is often seen as the meaning behind this story. The act is then thought to shame the one who’s silent and who stood by to take more. 

But that is not Jesus’s intent in this message at all. His intent and message is for the one who is doing the striking. If you are willing to strike at someone who chooses not to strike outwardly at you- then this message is for you. Be aware of your actions towards others and the perceptions you leave in the wake of your strike. Gossip unanswered is gossip. Nothing more. 

Karma has a way of playing itself out. 


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