Grief Anonymous

I am more than excited to launch this organization.  It has been several years in the making for sure and it will continue to evolve and transform over the days, weeks,and years to come.  I have so much to say about this organization that there just isn’t enough time here in this one post to describe it in its entirety.  So let me just start with a few words about the  beginnings of GA. In the days to follow I will continue to add it all to this blog with a book to follow shortly. GA’s roots began to form after I transferred my writings from Caringbridge from when my husband was first diagnosed into after my husband passed away from cancer as a means to cope and to share in hopes that maybe my journey might help someone to know they are not alone in their grief.  What came to pass was a growing membership of people from around the world and right here in the USA coming to the page to connect and read someone’s shared grief experience.  From this catalyst of losing my husband, the writing has also allowed me to continue to write about the connection we all have to humanity and to a Higher Power.  Through my husband’s diagnosis and into his passing and onward through my recovery that Source of Love and Light has never left my side.  During the summer of his original cancer diagnosis in 2006, I was shown a vision of a bright, loving, beautiful light.  It was shown to me during the lowest and saddest time of my life.  I was shown and was able to feel the love God has for me, and also the pure simple love we all have for one another.  It is from this experience that the circular gold light has been created from the vision  into what is now the GA symbol.  The small circles surrounding this Light are the Tenets of Recovery.  Ten actionable concepts to follow in order to recover from grief.  These Ten Tenets are the premise and bedrock for this organization.  This group is for all to attend, no matter what your religious beliefs are or not.   No matter your ethnic origin or race.  Male or female.  Young and old. Social situation.  Grief is a collective human experience that has been in the shadows for way too long.  Now is the time for cumulative action to be taken to link us all who are on this path.  We can then be there waiting for those who will join us.  Grief Anonymous will be the light where there is darkness and bring hope to those who are bereaved and in need of fellowship, understanding, and support.

The Ten Tenets of Grief Anonymous:

  1. Belief in a higher power or consciousness
  2. Find or create a sanctuary for healing
  3. Focus on the physical fundamentals of sleep, diet, and exercise
  4. Practice baby steps and leaps of faith
  5. Acceptance of your loss
  6. Facing your fears
  7. Learning to forgive and what forgiveness really means
  8. Finding a creative outlet for your grief
  9. Embracing your new authentic self
  10. Giving back is under construction and will be ready soon!

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13 thoughts on “Grief Anonymous

  1. Its going on Two years now in August since I loss my fiance to prostate Cancer it has been the hardest thing I have to deal.


  2. I lost my husband 15 months ago to cancer and I am having a very hard time dealing with my loss. I have a hard time accepting that he is not ever coming home again


    • Accepting is a hurdle many people struggle to leap. You are not alone. But I will tell you that crossing the acceptance threshold opens up new avenues to feeling better and moving forward. You never “get over or move on”. That signifies ending. And your love never ends. In the search bar type in acceptance and there are several journals about this subject and maybe one of them will help you. Blessings


  3. I’m so grateful to Terry for helping me out with this I lost my best friend and sister July 2016 and I can’t cope with the pain she was my everything apart from my children and grandson I’ve let myself go terribly and Can t leave the house

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  4. Wow can’t believe I found this site because of you buying the Launching Pad. I read the article and replied about how my husband and I used to go there a lot! My husband Don passed away 4/30/16- cancer – but a very complicated and rare one that we didn’t even know he had. We were married 39 years and knew each other for 42 years. I struggle every single day with his death and all the questions and self doubt that came with it. He sends me signs all the time, I am thinking this is another one! I know he is in heave with our Savior and that brings me some peace. But you know, grief doesn’t let you rest very long. God bless and good luck to you. Thanks.

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  5. I am living proof that you never get over it – lost my husband to an accident 14 years ago, I was 51 he 53 and married 31 years. While in grief counseling I wanted to write a book to help others with the struggle but couldn’t rise above my own… I’ve had one failed relationship and no dating now for 6 years – I want to live instead of exist. I’m so glad I found out about your site. Our local weekend paper had an article about your Gemini Giant purchase. Bless you!

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  6. hi I was wondering how this works.
    I have a friend who is struggling with grief and is resistant to counseling. He is consumed with grief and guilt,
    how do i help him or get him help.
    please respond i am desperate

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