Enough is a powerful word.  A powerfully positive way of existence. A powerful mindset to have. It signifies what we truly need to move forward from moment to moment, from hour to hour and from day to day and into the months and years ahead.  Enough edges out lack and it’s also too full for excess. Excess runs over and looses its appreciative tangible value to us.  Enough signifies balance, stability, and peace.  Enough is the place in my mind, my heart, and my environment that I seek to live out the rest of my days.  I feel truly blessed within the light of enough.

Many people live in excess following the death of a loved one.  The void can be too much to bare and the windfalls of inheritance and insurance enables some to ease their grief through material comforts and a constant need of more sets in to soothe one’s soul.  They are emotionally seeking what they lost through the comfort of a purchase.  This is how some fall out of balance with enough.  Seeking more leaves one feeling lack.  The feeling of lack that grief brings to us ushers in unease into our minds and our actions.  If you find yourself wanting more and more~ stop and ask yourself why? Are you trying to fill a grief void within yourself that just needs and craves love, connection, and emotional stability?  Do you feel empty?  Why?  Grief causes a great void in our lives, an emptiness from the physical separation of our loved one. Many people fill this void with those things that do not serve our higher good.  We take in estate monies for example and go on shopping sprees to feel better.  We buy cars and goods to fill our hearts with some semblance of momentary happiness.  Something to take away the tears for awhile. The same goes with food, alcohol, drugs, and casual sex.  Grief causes many of us to fill this emotional and physical void with these tangibles.  And for many- the more the better.  And the more and more leads to addictions, financial ruin, health issues, and even suicide.

Others find themselves in severe lack of resources due to the death of a loved one and their void is made all the more complicated due to a hightened level of lack. These people also are the ones that are in need from us, The Collective.  We will seek to find those who have their last $5 in their pockets and are homeless from grief and loss.  We will seek out those who are in danger and those who are at their emotional ends, those who have had their rights violated and trampled on.  We will support those charities and organizations who seek to directly help those persons who are in crisis due to grief and loss.

Grief Anonymous is free to join.  Free to organize.   There will never be any obligation to purchase anything through our organization.  However, once the Grief Anonymous website is up and running we will support this endeavor with books, mementos, jewelry, items for our sanctuaries, and comfort items such prayer blankets for sale that are supported by independent business owners who’ve experienced grief and have turned their careers into successful businesses and are giving back to their communities.  10% of all sales will go to support The Jordon Barker Foundation to give back directly to those who are in their most desperate times of need. Tenet #10 is Give Back and our collective contributions will go to aiding those who need it most. Directly.IMG_5537.JPG

2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. I think i have complicated grief. The circumstances of my husband’s accidental suicide 6 mths ago are unimaginable. We were undergoing family trauma prior to, and more since his death. We were married 25 yrs. It was ruled an accident bc he drove himself to the er. I wasnt w him that nite but i should’ve been. After he passed away, we went to where my husband had been staying (for work). My son and i watched him walk to his truck on the security cam footage after the gun went off. He texted me and told me he was going the er bc gun went off. Then the hospital called. He was taken off the respirator 3 days later and allowed to pass away.
    Ive lost my job also and finances are an issue. I cant imagine working but am going on interviews. I havent gotten hired yet though. Im afraid Im acting strange at interviews but i cant tell. Anyway, life is horrible and things arent getting any better. I’m devastated and lost and idk what to do. Im just waiting to see what the universe brings.

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    • Paula,
      My dear new friend, I am so sorry all of this is happening to you. I hate that all the ripples of the aftermath have also caused you financial strain and stress. I can offer you the 10 tenets of Grief Anonymous. Many people experience job loss because there’s no protection for grief in the workplace. And there needs to be. Try to compartmentalize your days. Focus only on the day. Baby steps. Get through your interviews. Practice makes perfect. The right one will come to you. And the right one may just be a transition job until you can hold your own. Join our online grief group from Facebook. Just type into your Facebook search bar:
      Grief anonymous share.


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