Message to the New World Order: No man is an island. The bell tolls for thee.

Look out into the wild blue yonder that is our current state of affairs for the human race. What do you see with our world governments?


He is the End All, Be All. The details of recent global events are daunting, overwhelming evil, and saddening to me. It is not my gift to weave out the finite details. My gift is to climb the mast and sit in the look out and to write it down from the big picture perspective which I think for myself and many others is needed right now. The enemy is broad and deep in its cancerous scope and it is easy to aim discontent and angst towards others that are not focused on the particular mission you are on. Common, current, rational thinking shows us that working together for a common cause is paramount yet, interestingly enough these current events defy common experience and rational advice about “sticking together” to fight satan’s army. This time has become a time of irregular spiritual warfare. A time for the necessity to think counter intuitive, non-conformist is upon us. How? And why?

In the Bible, Jesus says he is coming to separate people. Isn’t that what is happening right now? The separating. Walls are coming down and there is a breaking apart happening from a global perspective all the way down to individual relationships. The Bible foretells this happening. I am seeing it in front of my eyes with our political parties infighting, unlawful worldwide government mandates being issued, and corrupt religious organizations imploding. It is do or die for these satanic types, not live and let live. All the signs I am seeing from the mast show me one thing.

It all needed to happen. It was all foretold. The mark of the beast is threatening the human race.

Jesus is coming.

The righteous are leaving with Him, the evil doers are staying behind to be cast into a dungeon of their highest personal hell. I have seen and experienced so many incredible spiritual experiences in my lifetime to understand that the events we are seeing play out in front of us really are about our personal relationship with God or lack of one. Unity will be different in the new age. Unity will be about individual connection to one another and to God, not governments banning together or political parties set against one another. What is coming together as a tidal wave of totalitarianism will crash on the beaches of Love. God uses spiritual human form to usher in His will and I see it playing out in a beautiful living melody for those who believe. Stay focused on the Light. Stay focused on your mission to love one another in what ever form that takes.

Message to the evil doers: What you build up to control the masses will be used for the good of all and you will not benefit. You will not be happy.

This email came to my phone as I was sitting in a hospice next to my husband who had just passed away from cancer. EIGHT years before he died, and while fighting the cancer, I spent an hour in Heaven. I saw the Living Light and I wrote about it. They showed me I would be writing. At the time, I didn’t know what to do. This is how God works in our lives. On His Divine timing. This is where we build our faith and trust from. When we listen to the prayers that are answered in what ever form they come in.

Always remember, Love Wins. Its up to you as an individual as to who’s side you’re on. Know you are never alone. This message is for everyone.

Tyranny Dies in the Light

Humanity is living through its darkest days because we are now in the End Times that the Bible speaks of. Those souls who are good and righteous will be seen by God and will continue on with everlasting life and those who are lost to the evil chaos and darkness will be thrown into hell and consumed by satan. Even in the End Times, the way forward is simple and complete.

I now believe I grew up being naive my whole life as was the intention of God for me to have a glad soul with an open heart. I was an open trusting soul who wanted to believe in the goodness of all or most people. Now when I look out into the world and see where society is I understand that the Valley of the Shadow of Death is deep and real and humanity is clustered in the valley but divided in these End Times. The Bible gives us prophesy about the evil works of satan and spells out to us in detail the signs to look for and now we are seeing these signs blatantly in our faces. Some of humanity is not able to absorb, understand, or comprehend the magnitude of the evil reality that is facing us. Many agree with it and are enslaved to the devil and watched over by his demons. Others now have their eyes wide open to the evil and corruption that has covered the hearts, eyes, and minds of millions of humans. The last Spiritual Battle of Good verses evil has begun and its advent is the internet. Never forget during these times of strife and brutal oppression that in the end Love Wins. It is a simple mathematical and scientific fact that darkness cannot exist in the presence of the Light therefore God’s promise is real and complete. Our minds and personal acts, in order to be on the winning side of this battle for humanity, need to stay focused on the Light that God sends us through these times of trial and tribulation.

Let us all start this leg of the journey home by saying the vast majority of the human race has been manipulated and lied to by a very small percentage of very evil satanic globalists. With their eyes on the prize of world domination that has been promised to them during their reign on earth as well as into their afterlives in hell, these satanic globalists are the ones who have been in control of our physical lives on a macro perspective for 2000 years.

Let me be clear in the purpose of my new writings. From the visions I have seen in the past and written down here in this blog, to the unbelievable, somewhat uncensored education I have received in alternative media- now I know. I am now fully awakened to the details of the truth and what is happening in our world. I have been on this journey of grief and loss walking it with you. I saw the big picture of the truth that was shown to me in the visions God gave me back in the early years of this blog in 2014-2017. I have not made any changes to the verbiage in the last years even though there are typos and such throughout my blog. I don’t change anything because much of what I wrote came through automatic vision writing so I don’t know now if the meanings will become deeper and more understandable as time goes on- as is the case now. I go back and change nothing. I believe in the words that I see in the visions and I write them down just as I was instructed to do.

So, I am back to write on this blog for as long as I am able to connect here with you through the internet. My deepest advice as we move forward into battle against darkness is to avoid all things Artificial Intelligence- online, medically, everywhere. AI as it is called is rooted in evil with the guise of being helpful. From a spiritual perspective – God gives humans and all life intelligence. Intelligence is a gift from God. Artificial Intelligence is not of this world and it is not meant for your well-being. It is meant for the control of humanity by satan and it will fail. The only lost souls satan takes back with him in the end are his own. In this dimension, free will and choice are granted by God as is the purpose our time on this earth- to learn and grow and enrich our soul’s experience on the journey to oneness. Stay with me as I educate myself more out of naivety and into the understanding of our tasks here on this planet. I will share with you what I know and catch you up to speed as best I can. I am human and fallible and I have no problem retracting any news or thoughts that I find out are wrong or misguided through this battle to the end. We are all in this maze to the end together and satan’s best weapons are lies, coercion, and subversion. I stake my claim on this hill because it is the one I am willing to die on.

In the End, Love wins.

Holly C Barker

To read up to date information and links about our current state of affairs in the world, go to Facebook and visit my page The Great Spiritual Awakening. I also recommend downloading the app Telegram and following . From the visions I have seen, Facebook, now “Meta” has now revealed itself for what it truly is- personal information gathering for nefarious purposes for evil people. My recommendation is to not share too much personal information about yourself but do rise above the fray and seek to understand. Once Facebook (Meta) falls, we will have done our job in helping the masses awaken to the truth and a different platform will be created for the continued purpose of what the internet was designed for- connecting the human race and defeating evil.