Message to the New World Order: No man is an island. The bell tolls for thee.

Look out into the wild blue yonder that is our current state of affairs for the human race. What do you see with our world governments?


He is the End All, Be All. The details of recent global events are daunting, overwhelming evil, and saddening to me. It is not my gift to weave out the finite details. My gift is to climb the mast and sit in the look out and to write it down from the big picture perspective which I think for myself and many others is needed right now. The enemy is broad and deep in its cancerous scope and it is easy to aim discontent and angst towards others that are not focused on the particular mission you are on. Common, current, rational thinking shows us that working together for a common cause is paramount yet, interestingly enough these current events defy common experience and rational advice about “sticking together” to fight satan’s army. This time has become a time of irregular spiritual warfare. A time for the necessity to think counter intuitive, non-conformist is upon us. How? And why?

In the Bible, Jesus says he is coming to separate people. Isn’t that what is happening right now? The separating. Walls are coming down and there is a breaking apart happening from a global perspective all the way down to individual relationships. The Bible foretells this happening. I am seeing it in front of my eyes with our political parties infighting, unlawful worldwide government mandates being issued, and corrupt religious organizations imploding. It is do or die for these satanic types, not live and let live. All the signs I am seeing from the mast show me one thing.

It all needed to happen. It was all foretold. The mark of the beast is threatening the human race.

Jesus is coming.

The righteous are leaving with Him, the evil doers are staying behind to be cast into a dungeon of their highest personal hell. I have seen and experienced so many incredible spiritual experiences in my lifetime to understand that the events we are seeing play out in front of us really are about our personal relationship with God or lack of one. Unity will be different in the new age. Unity will be about individual connection to one another and to God, not governments banning together or political parties set against one another. What is coming together as a tidal wave of totalitarianism will crash on the beaches of Love. God uses spiritual human form to usher in His will and I see it playing out in a beautiful living melody for those who believe. Stay focused on the Light. Stay focused on your mission to love one another in what ever form that takes.

Message to the evil doers: What you build up to control the masses will be used for the good of all and you will not benefit. You will not be happy.

This email came to my phone as I was sitting in a hospice next to my husband who had just passed away from cancer. EIGHT years before he died, and while fighting the cancer, I spent an hour in Heaven. I saw the Living Light and I wrote about it. They showed me I would be writing. At the time, I didn’t know what to do. This is how God works in our lives. On His Divine timing. This is where we build our faith and trust from. When we listen to the prayers that are answered in what ever form they come in.

Always remember, Love Wins. Its up to you as an individual as to who’s side you’re on. Know you are never alone. This message is for everyone.

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