The World Knows The Truth Now. Praise God.

Today was my last day posting on interactive social media platforms. Today I am back here only. Today I will continue to write out the visions God shows me, unadulterated from knowledge of current events. God is my only Boss. I am alive. I live to sing and worship God and to learn as much as I can about what Jesus and the Bible are saying about the world we live in. We have to make it a better place or we will destroy ourselves. That is what is happening now. I give my life to this subject. God asked me to write it down. I do so, unafraid with a glad heart. Amen.

The body of my life’s work is written here and on my accounts on social media including Facebook and Truth Social. If you are wanting to understand me, I would suggest reading what I have written down so far. All accounts are under Holly C Barker. Thank you.

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