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Today is a beautiful day! Lots of positive changes coming. I am headed to the Will Co. court house on Monday to see what I am able to discuss about my case. I don’t want to violate any laws but I do believe the truth needs to be told by me for all to hear that want to listen. I’m also calling the IRS today to talk with them about my 401K with penalty and to talk to them in detail about my experience the last 5 years. I have nothing to fear on my finances. I want to share my financial journey with you because I believe there is a better way forward than the current retirement system we have now and the laws that are in place are wrong and should be corrected. It’s made foe the fat cats. Not you. The pages in the Bible today are not a coincidence to me. I am understanding them so much more these days. Divine timing is always right on time.

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