Overlapping emergencies strain the nation’s public health workforce and threaten critical vaccination campaigns | CNN

Communist News Network Update: After almost three years of contending with vaccine hesitancy, politics and a global pandemic, the nation’s public health workers are frayed and leaving their posts. Now, these depleted agencies are being asked to tackle new threats like monkeypox without additional funding to handle them.
— Read on www.cnn.com/2022/08/22/health/public-health-strain-vaccines/index.html

This article is so damning. It’s admitting complete defeat and utter devastation of public trust. (Yes the public at large hates me for telling the truth, especially those who want to believe the lies about me). But– the public at large are gonna hate you evil doers even more as reality sets in about the damage being done in the bodies of those who took multiple doses of COVID vaccines. Again- I’m not tryna be a hero here. I’m the messenger with many warnings. Your lives are never going to be the same again. I am a front row target. You are second row. I may have stopped the advancement to tent cities and white coats with needles and trains. Why? Because Jesus. Amen.

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