Moving Forward. Look to the future for updates here on legal matters as well as ideas and visions that are coming for how we can form a New Republic that is fair and just for all, that leads with prosperity and security as its core focus. In God We Trust. Amen.

Ever liar will be revealed. Let’s start with the easy low hanging fruit while we are busy with God’s work. Amen.

I am taking baby steps and leaps of faith this week. I am starting small and asking simple questions in person to law enforcement and making phone calls. I have a signed contract with a real estate agent to sell the New Lenox home. Tully reached out and found an agent to help us. We have an agreed price and we are now down to waiting on his signature that was due today at 12:00 noon. He says he had doctors appointments downtown all day. This may stem back to his announcement of health conditions on Facebook this year. I do know I have tried multiple in the past to help him navigate the health care plan he’s on. He told me members of his church who were in the medical field were going to get him right in to whatever he needed and I met with her at church when we attended once this year and she was reassuring him they could help. So that is good that he is well taken care of. I do need him to sign the contract he initiated with me and the agent so we can start the process of selling 1464 Creekside Court in New Lenox. Selling our jointly owned property was already being discussed. After the sale of the home I will be making basic changes to the Launching Pad into a museum and visitor Center only. I may convert the garage to concession, ice cream down the road. Tully has made it clear he wants no part in the operations of the Launching Pad therefore I am reworking this myself. He refuses to communicate directly with me about our personal real estate matters or the business. I have found this out via business partners of ours. This is highly unprofessional and after years of misinformation, slander, lies, and betrayal at the highest level I am forced to use my ability to write it down and my right to free speech. My financial life is under siege and I am speaking my peace. I want to insure the Gemini Giant is insured and protected and the Pad can remain open to visitors and travellers, and I am given only what I am entitled to within my rights. Tully and I paid cash for the Launching Pad. It is fully owned by me and that was fully agreed upon by Tully and all at closing. I will completely write a book about the financial history. I am asking the IRS for an audit because my conscious is fully clear and I have documented clear cut books as well as issues and grievances to file. Follow along if you want to. I’m in a position to get yakkity. I’m doing this online not for me, but for all those who are stuck in this horrific situation and have zero means to help themselves. The system has to change. It’s evil. God asked me to Write it Down. I obey only God and His Will. For more information please visit my Truth Social account Holly C Barker. Avoid Facebook and Twitter- they are operating under the leadership of the CIA and probably FBI- criminally.

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