The coordination is uncanny. The honeypotters are fighting.

Good ole Ned texted me yesterday. He also reached out to my son. They always coordinate. Always. Like clockwork. Back channels. I won’t answer. Tully monitors the Launching Pad phone bill like a demon looking to pounce. I won’t answer. Let’s see what happens. Ned always calls tully to make him mad and tells him I’m running off with him and this makes Tully lose his mind. Last time this happened tully stormed over to my house and jerked the gate open and started screaming at me that I was with Ned and I had been texting him. I had to calm him down and let him know nothing is happening and show him my phone texts that were months old and was me asking Ned if he is CIA. No response of course. But do is see this man drama I am going through? Ned reached out as a friend to help me with a vacation home he didn’t live in. I went there after Tully broke up with me in a rage and texted me a pic of my husband’s cross necklace on his kitchen counter telling me he was done with me. Got the evidence. After that day I texted Ned about his vacation home. No relationship. Just friends. Tully knew I was leaving because of his behaviour. He even helped me pack my car. He then got jealous and turned my phone off and came and picked up the car he helped me pack to get there. Much like the kinds of things he is doing to me now. More later. Here’s the hole left from the eye hook to the fence he jerked open. No didn’t call the cops. No I didn’t file a police report. I’m not a drama Queen. I am not afraid of Tully. He wants me to be. I am not afraid of the big bad Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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