Today’s learnings.

I called the Chief of Police here in Wilmington today to ask about the issues I am having financially with Tully. He told me everything I am dealing with is a civil matter and the best place to start is the courthouse in Joliet. This is the second time I have received this advice from law enforcement. The chief did let me know that I do have freedom of speech for a dismissed case and I am going to get that question answered again for me tomorrow at the court house. I take baby steps when dealing with very important topics.

I made a call to the Joliet Courthouse today on the above subject so tomorrow when I arrive I will have an idea of where I am starting. First floor with the clerk of court’s office to schedule a court date to review my court case from two and a half years ago. The case was dismissed in April and I did not receive notice that I know of, of any kind. The simple truth is I had no opportunity for a rebuttal from what was said about me in court. I sat in the lobby and found out the decision. The things that were said about me were lies. I didn’t know what was said until after the court date and after the decision was made well into the year. My lawyer knew what was said but didn’t tell me it appears. Especially since Tully’s lawyer was in council with my lawyer and the judge. My case needs to be revisited. Especially now that so more is now known.

I think the ultimate goal for me simply is this:

Cut complete ties and cords from Tully Garrett in all ways, financial and personal.

Put the New Lenox home on the market and split the proceeds evenly between the two of us.

This would simply allow me to continue the perpetuation of the Launching Pad as a Visitor Center and Historical Museum for America and Route 66. It would allow me to finalize the payments of my little home next to the Launching Pad.

I am also asking that Tully return the $12,500 check I wrote out to him under duress. When tully is angry he is very vocal. He screams and gets in my face but never touches me. He uses this tactic as a means of manipulation. He was in my home when he did it. There are no witnesses. All I am asking him to do is return the check to the business account so we can open properly. He says he is no longer attached in any way to the business, refuses to work, and did not show up to help on a holiday weekend. This is why the Pad closed when it did.

I am going to keep journaling my way through these days and weeks so everyone is in the know as to what is happening.

I know love wins. Jesus showed me in Heaven the outcome. I do not know it. I don’t know any of the “how” details. I just know the future is beautiful and Route 66 is a ley line. It completes ancient prophecy. Jesus is coming back. I will be spending my days at the courthouse fighting for freedom and the rights of humanity. let’s see what happens. Amen. Love one another. Love God with all your heart. Let Him let the way forward.

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