What it is like to know God. a message of warning to humanity.

I made these marks in my Bible a long time ago. I read the Bible from cover to cover in college and it meant a lot to me then. I didn’t understand much of the verbiage then as I think the importance of it for me then was the big picture. Now, the importance of it is massive in scope and miracles of truth are presenting themselves in real time in the details daily. I love Divine Timing.

Here’s what I will say: judgement is coming to those who harm children. Child sex trafficking and human slavery are the number one commodities being traded by evil doers around the world. This must end. I dedicate my life to bring awareness to this unimaginable travesty and I am willing to bear any evil plan or plot to get rid of me for saying so.

Shame on the media and our elected government officials for knowing about these crimes against humanity and not doing or saying anything about them. If you are compromised, you must break through, face your fears, and speak your truth.

I am not compromised, I cannot be bought, I cannot be made to fear you, evil one. I have spoken out against the world’s most feared and evil human monsters and for that I am in danger? No. Those who do harm to children are the ones in danger. People think the worst thing that can happen to you is prison. Prison is a fantasy land compared to hell. The evil people of this world are stealing children, raping them, torturing them, keeping them in cages, and then murdering them through satanic sacrifices and using their blood to extract adrenochrome to sell on the open market and their body parts for the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, this is happening every day. State supported and legally legislated late term or delivery day abortions/satanic sacrifices. Those who know I am speaking out against this are very unhappy with me.

Well, God is very unhappy with them. I am here to write it down. No fear. Why? Because I know I am even more effective on the other side with God. But I am here by His Divine Will and will do His Will daily and with a glad heart until I am home again, which I cry for daily. Amen.

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