Ask, Send, and Share: have a blessed Sunday, friends. Go out and enjoy this beautiful day God has made for us all. Amen.

Yesterday was a blessed day. I opened the Launching Pad for tourism yesterday and it was exactly what God asked me to do. He gave me two confirmations, one while I was praying alone in the morning and another in the form of a wonderful conversation I had with my son on the phone. He has a beautiful wise mind. I always love to hear his views on life and the world.

Today will be much of the same. As I do a final clean up of the kitchen the visions of how this sacred building are going to transform are coming alive. I see the old and ancient flexing with the new. I love coffee. I don’t mind a small drink every once in a while. I’m not an alcohol drinker, but I do use THC with a vape pen every day. When I have a special occasion I will make a special coffee drink or have a real nice glass of wine or beer. For me, without judgment from others, moderation and restraint are good qualities to have, especially when in public and driving on Route 66. All this being said, wouldn’t it be a beautiful vision to have the Launching Pad turn into a museum and welcome Center with a upscale coffee house feel to it. The gift shop would be minimized to a counter with a Hard Rock Cafe like concept with numbered items you check on a ticket and hand to someone that takes your order and either ships it to your home or packages it to give back to you to take with. This vision seems like a peaceful positive solution that helps everyone, including myself enjoy this space. It helps the community by not competing with other restaurants in the area that we can now refer people to. I did that often yesterday and with a glad heart. This helps small businesses who sell their arts and crafts to me to sell in the gift shop. My commute to work is my parking lot. I am one of those people who does not need much to be very happy. I am already there. And yes, I am happy despite everything that has happened. I was unaware of the Freemasonry plan around me my whole life. I know how I was treated. Now that I have awakened to the truth, life is much easier because now it makes sense. Before it just didn’t because I know my intentions and my actions and I see now why it’s been so hard for those who intend to cause me great harm are very frustrated right now. Remember, I really did go to Heaven. They did tell me to write it down. I am. The reason why I am here is because of God and Jesus. I will write till I am home again.

I told Jackson yesterday of my prayer to God and I will share it with you here too. I don’t want my son to be on this earth without me. I told him I was going to live to be very very old….So old that he would grow old with me. I told him I would die the day after he does as a very old man. This way, he will always have me in his life. He loved the vision. I hope he finds a beautiful, caring, loving, faithful woman to marry and they have as many children as they want. I will be their grandma Holly and love them and support them every day of their lives. This today is my prayer.

These are the kinds of things that occupy my mind. Not fear. Not dread. Not worry. I know where I am going. I stay on the path as best I can. Heaven is beautiful. It’s worth it to do good in the world. Try on some real love. Drop the satanic Freemason double speak. Turn to God. Learn about the Way of Jesus. It’s a beautiful peaceful loving way to live. Amen.

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