Ask, Send, Share: Job, Wisdom and Understanding

I read this last night and slept deeply and woke up restored. I read past the page last night to better understand and remember Job and his suffering. God allowed and made manifest everything that happened to Job. Humanity is to listen to his truth. Job 28 is about today. It is about the evil that is taking place today in the elementals of the earth. The message today is expansive and exponential in nature. Wisdom and understanding, which are gifts I treasure beyond any riches here that could be placed before me, is what I seek every day. Wisdom is borne through experiences with Divine Timing, understanding is when you know the real truth. I’ve been to Heaven. I’ve spent time with Jesus. My understanding is precious to me. I share as much of it as I can with you. Amen.

Jesus is coming. The truth is known. The solution will come from God. No man, no massive organization, no evil deed of satan can stand against Him. With one powerful Everest move of His Will and Divine Intention – ALL can be wiped clean and bones will be left scattered. Evil corrupted souls will be chained to the bottom of hell in permanent, gnawing, relentless agony, incredible pain with deep need and intense cravings and desires that go unfulfilled for eternity. You will be picked and eaten alive by demon dwellers forever. This is hell. I’m an exorcist. I’m here to tell you. I’m just the conduit. Say what you will. God is listening. I rest peaceful.

We live in a world of free will given to us by God, not any other man-made false idol, Baal, or any other demon. Jesus is back with his Sword drawn. The Christmas Star was the beginning of the end for this evil. Amen.

Yes you did.