Ask, Send, Share: Job, Wisdom and Understanding

I read this last night and slept deeply and woke up restored. I read past the page last night to better understand and remember Job and his suffering. God allowed and made manifest everything that happened to Job. Humanity is to listen to his truth. Job 28 is about today. It is about the evil that is taking place today in the elementals of the earth. The message today is expansive and exponential in nature. Wisdom and understanding, which are gifts I treasure beyond any riches here that could be placed before me, is what I seek every day. Wisdom is borne through experiences with Divine Timing, understanding is when you know the real truth. I’ve been to Heaven. I’ve spent time with Jesus. My understanding is precious to me. I share as much of it as I can with you. Amen.

Jesus is coming. The truth is known. The solution will come from God. No man, no massive organization, no evil deed of satan can stand against Him. With one powerful Everest move of His Will and Divine Intention – ALL can be wiped clean and bones will be left scattered. Evil corrupted souls will be chained to the bottom of hell in permanent, gnawing, relentless agony, incredible pain with deep need and intense cravings and desires that go unfulfilled for eternity. You will be picked and eaten alive by demon dwellers forever. This is hell. I’m an exorcist. I’m here to tell you. I’m just the conduit. Say what you will. God is listening. I rest peaceful.

We live in a world of free will given to us by God, not any other man-made false idol, Baal, or any other demon. Jesus is back with his Sword drawn. The Christmas Star was the beginning of the end for this evil. Amen.

Yes you did.

Ask, Send, Share: Obedience- better than sacrifice. When you know God and Heaven, it’s an easy decision to make. Amen.

Sometimes I look up and ask God about the people of this world. I do an ask, send, share and the answer is always there. This morning is a very good reminder of who is not happy with me and doing their best to harm my name in any and all ways possible. Jeremiah 7 says it all, including the page before. When I read these words, Jesus galvanizes me to continue to press further into this world. I speak for those who have no power, no voice, and little time- children who are being abused, enslaved, and sex trafficked. Listen to me – anyone who reads this. I am not afraid. I walk knowing the path I am taking without fear. God has asked me to write it down. Stand out of my way or I step aside. Simple.

Putting the nonsense rumours to bed. Amen.

Tonight was a peaceful relaxing evening thinking of all the planning for the next phase of the Launching Pad. We will have a self-serve coffee bar with cappuccino and espresso and packaged baked goods from a mini-kitchen. Think a spa-quality Salt Cave in the backroom and a amethyst biomat room to detoxify and bottled alkaline water for your journey down Route 66. The kitchen will transform into an Americana museum with local art works that can be bought and shipped back home and a small gift shop. Lots of beautiful ideas swirling in my mind for the years to come. I have a commercial embroidery machine to design Mother Road patches and such. Creative outlets for the rest of my life. This makes me happy. I hope it brings comfort and happiness to others as well. I referred out more than 50 people today to local restaurants to help the community. All will be well everyone. Jesus is coming.

On this topic of Jesus. During my ritual shower and prayer time a vision came to me to tell me it’s time to say this. I may have said this in the past but I think the nonsense is getting to a ridiculous fever pitch out in the media so I understand the nudge to write it down.

I have said from the beginning of when I knew about the horrors of child sex trafficking that I would do something about this only to find out about my own personal infancy and young childhood. I am going to make this statement here and now. You can hook me up to every lie detector device known to mankind- these statements here are truth. I have never physically harmed a child. I am not a child sex predator. I condemn all willful harmful acts against children. I will spend my lifetime bringing attention to these horrible truths of humanity, the global cabal, and the scourge of human slavery and sex trafficking. I will never stop until God says so.

Secondly, I have never knowingly falsely accused anyone of a crime. Never, ever. Any statements otherwise are complete lies meant to deflect from truth.

Lastly, I have never knowingly or willingly cheated on my income taxes. The majority of my career has been straight forward W-2 and W-4’s from the companies I worked for, 401k investments, and other than a small Edward Jones account in 2008 and an online account that never had more than 10k in it – that amounts to my tax experience in America dating back to the 90’s. I was audited once over an accounting mistake in 2016 and the IRS found they owned me $1000. Any talk of mishandling of my finances is nonsense. I talked to my accountant today and we are good. I’m going to publish my whole financial story. Stop the bullshit rumours.

This should clear up the vast majority of the unbelievable nonsense being said about me. Next time you are at the LP, ask me about the mural on the wall. It’s 30-50 years old?

Oh yes, a reminder from earlier nonsense lies this year- no I didn’t make a sex video with my Grief Anonymous crowd while wearing a satanic mask. Lie. Complete lie. I have never participated in group sex and I have never participated in a video having group sex, this includes threesomes. I don’t participate in “open relationships” and no, I’m not gay. Okay? This hopefully covers it’s. Prolly not. Let’s see what else they want to throw at me. Play ball!

My first birthday April 13, 1973.

Ask, Send, and Share: have a blessed Sunday, friends. Go out and enjoy this beautiful day God has made for us all. Amen.

Yesterday was a blessed day. I opened the Launching Pad for tourism yesterday and it was exactly what God asked me to do. He gave me two confirmations, one while I was praying alone in the morning and another in the form of a wonderful conversation I had with my son on the phone. He has a beautiful wise mind. I always love to hear his views on life and the world.

Today will be much of the same. As I do a final clean up of the kitchen the visions of how this sacred building are going to transform are coming alive. I see the old and ancient flexing with the new. I love coffee. I don’t mind a small drink every once in a while. I’m not an alcohol drinker, but I do use THC with a vape pen every day. When I have a special occasion I will make a special coffee drink or have a real nice glass of wine or beer. For me, without judgment from others, moderation and restraint are good qualities to have, especially when in public and driving on Route 66. All this being said, wouldn’t it be a beautiful vision to have the Launching Pad turn into a museum and welcome Center with a upscale coffee house feel to it. The gift shop would be minimized to a counter with a Hard Rock Cafe like concept with numbered items you check on a ticket and hand to someone that takes your order and either ships it to your home or packages it to give back to you to take with. This vision seems like a peaceful positive solution that helps everyone, including myself enjoy this space. It helps the community by not competing with other restaurants in the area that we can now refer people to. I did that often yesterday and with a glad heart. This helps small businesses who sell their arts and crafts to me to sell in the gift shop. My commute to work is my parking lot. I am one of those people who does not need much to be very happy. I am already there. And yes, I am happy despite everything that has happened. I was unaware of the Freemasonry plan around me my whole life. I know how I was treated. Now that I have awakened to the truth, life is much easier because now it makes sense. Before it just didn’t because I know my intentions and my actions and I see now why it’s been so hard for those who intend to cause me great harm are very frustrated right now. Remember, I really did go to Heaven. They did tell me to write it down. I am. The reason why I am here is because of God and Jesus. I will write till I am home again.

I told Jackson yesterday of my prayer to God and I will share it with you here too. I don’t want my son to be on this earth without me. I told him I was going to live to be very very old….So old that he would grow old with me. I told him I would die the day after he does as a very old man. This way, he will always have me in his life. He loved the vision. I hope he finds a beautiful, caring, loving, faithful woman to marry and they have as many children as they want. I will be their grandma Holly and love them and support them every day of their lives. This today is my prayer.

These are the kinds of things that occupy my mind. Not fear. Not dread. Not worry. I know where I am going. I stay on the path as best I can. Heaven is beautiful. It’s worth it to do good in the world. Try on some real love. Drop the satanic Freemason double speak. Turn to God. Learn about the Way of Jesus. It’s a beautiful peaceful loving way to live. Amen.