A Message from Above~ Love One Another


Never give up your spiritual quest to know God! Seek out and find what resonates within you. Just as you are unique, so are the paths to find him. Learn everything that you can learn and never stop that process. We are all spiritual students for life. From spiritual learning and growth, one finds direction and purpose. God comes to us in many forms. He’s not a foreign concept in our minds; rather a familiar something that we gravitate towards and it resonates within our understanding of the world we live in. Through our history, our DNA, our tastes and interests, and our families he finds us and he connects with us.

Truly indeed, God loves us all! We are all his children and we are all worthy of living happy, prosperous, productive, giving lives. This kind of connection is of pure desire borne of love for each of us. This love is indescribable in any high word in any language, and he has it for us all.

We must seek him within our own understanding and we must try to realize that others see him differently from their own visions, own environment, and own belief systems. This is what makes us all unique and different and is one of the many yet important tasks we have to learn here as a human race. We as humans jump many of the hurdles that are put in front of us, but this is one we are losing on a massive, collective global scale. We need to embrace one another. Learn about each other. Accept one another. Show compassion and love for one another. This is the one thing that must change for the better; for our collective future depends on it.

Last night the bombings in Paris were the tipping point. The catalyst. We must for our highest and best from a personal standpoint to a global standpoint learn to LOVE ONE ANOTHER! We are at the precipice now on a global scale. We must through our actions rise above the hate and the violence and the intolerance to see the larger perspective of human oneness. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. Can we please take a small moment and pause to consider God’s love for humanity and the possibility of peace before we all plunge ourselves into a massive world war of hate and violence that will lead us to trying to wipe each other off the planet. We all have a great choice to make. Let us choose wisely. Either way, we will succeed.

Love and for Your Highest Best,




When I think about the holidays coming up I feel myself being very reflective of the year that is about to come to an end. What went right and what went wrong. What did I learn? What kinds of experiences did I have and how did they shape me. This year was a life-changing, life-affirming experience to which I will carry forward with me forever changed and influenced towards a more broad understanding of life, human interaction, and our true connection to the Divine. And through all the loss, the pain, and suffering I witnessed all around me this year I know one thing is true. When family has that rare and beautiful bond of “sticktogetherness”, you should consider yourself fully blessed. Over the year I have had many experiences of hearing of others and their hardships and often times it was because of family, or made worse because of a breaking down of that family bond. It made life much harder to push through the bad times when that link to those of relation were not there to offer their hand to hold through the storms of life.

Last night I got to witness a beautiful bonded family. It wasn’t just the laughter and conversation. It wasn’t just the sharing of a Christmas dinner and the exchange of gifts and memories. It was the sharing of hugs, smiles, plans and ideas and adventures, openness and genuine interest and caring of the other that truly builds and solidifies bonds that create family “sticktogetherness”. This bond can create a bedrock in your heart that lets you know that whatever comes your way, you know you have solid ground to stand on. I often think of lighthouses and how they guide people through storms to safety and safer shores. But these lighthouses stand strong against the wind, unrelenting surf, and rain because of the rocky solid ground they are built on. What good would a lighthouse be if it were built on shifting sands? That solid ground in life is family and it is a wonderful, powerful, healing blessing when you are surrounded by those of relation who stand behind you and help you up when you fall without judgment or expectations of reciprocation.

If you find yourself during these holidays without this strong familial bond in your life, focus your love inward and start anew from yourself with outward focus. All is not lost. Be a rock for others on which to stand and you will find your ground will grow solid as well. Soon you will find your footing and you will feel restored, balanced, and able to weather the passing storms in your life. Be the hand for others to hold and the universe will give back to you that which you gave.

Love and Light to the Keast family.

With gratitude,


Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Holly. I haven’t written you in a long, long time. First and foremost I want to express my gratitude this year for all the years of my childhood that you filled with happiness and magic. It’s been a really tough year and I have come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea if I wrote to you again. In the past when I was a child I would send you wish lists for toys I wanted and you always seemed to come through for me. There was always a stocking full of candy and wonderful gifts under the tree. Christmas was always made magical by you, and for that I am grateful.

This year is different, I am older and a bit wiser, and my wish list has changed. Instead of asking for toys like I did in the past, this year I am asking for your help in helping me bring back some magic to our house this year as I am really struggling on how to make that happen. I know you know what happened to our family this year, but what I want to ask of you is to send me some early Christmas presents. I need some magic sent my way so I can set out a tree and hang some lights and a wreath on our front door. I need some smiles and a glad heart as I walk around the department stores thinking of gifts to buy. Please help me infuse love into the Christmas dinner I cook and the cookies I bake as I seem to have lost the enthusiasm for that tradition. Can you send me some extra time and some strength to write out some Christmas cards as well? And maybe with this early Christmas present request I can turn things around.   I have someone counting on me to make this year special, and that is first and foremost in my mind and heart. What I need is the same thing that you need to get your sleigh off the ground~ magic.

If you can come through for me this year, I will take that enthused Christmas cheer and do all I can for those around me to spread your love, your magic, your cheer, and your generosity as far and wide as I can. That can be my gift back to you.

With Utmost Gratitude and Warm Cinnamon-Laced Love,