A New Day, A New Venture

Whew! Man, that last journal was a doozie! Glad to have that out of the way and looking onward. The brightness has returned this week and my son and I have so much to look forward to. It is summer. Summer is energizing. Just the extended daylight hours alone are a nice touch. I keep saying that I am going to finish my book. I keep saying so much of what I am going to do. And yet I am not there yet. My son and I have been on the move this past year and we are truly settling in to our new lives now. So much is before us and so much is behind us. And we are ready.

This weekend I decided I am going to start a new blog in conjunction to this one. My current blog is dedicated to higher-level thoughts, emotions, perspectives, learning, connectivity, and most important Spirit and spirituality through the process of grief. I write when I have a vision about something or if something moves me greatly. After Jordon first passed away the journals were coming at lightening speed and with great clarity. I was in the epicenter of grief and loss and the idea of writing helped me through. In one year, approximately 30,000 people have read this blog according to WordPress. According to FaceBook accounts it has been exposed to 3 million people with 60,000 readers from all over the world. I don’t know who to believe, but what I care about is that it reaches those that are suffering and hopefully through sharing we can all heal. This blog this week just celebrated its one year mark. It’s time to do some branching out. I still have visions, analogy thinking, and moments of automatic writing where I know I am being helped from above. But all the earthy matters have been in my face for months now and I have felt somewhat disconnected from this beautiful energy. This will change, I am sure. But in the meantime, I am going to start soon what I need to write about now and the last journal spurred me to think about this. I want to write about the daily life issues of wading through grief. Relationships, financial matters, dating, alone time, raising a child as a solo parent. So much I can share. So much has changed in my life. I am a part of “closed to members only” spousal grief groups on Facebook. I realized after months of reading and responding, that many of the decisions I made and many of the issues I faced were universal among people in my situation. And we are all out there sharing so that we know we are not alone in our struggles. And it’s often times the nuances of events that hit us the hardest. Grocery shopping is one for example. It is a normal event for everyone. All of us have to cook and eat. But you throw in the loss of a significant other and you go there for the first time after they pass away and you get hit with a ton of bricks!!!! It’s those things we don’t think about that I want to write about. What that feels like. And how I got through it. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. I wrote about it already, but not from a practical, earthly perspective. The journal was called, “Grocery store shopping with my friend.” I will never forget the feeling.

So with that, I will end the rambling this fine Tuesday morning and leave you with a good note.

Cheers, all!

Nature and Art are Healers of Grief

Being in the forest is art and life in motion. The greens, browns, grays and blacks, reds and purple, and white flowers abound. I now have an amazing appreciation for seeing the cycle of nature unfold and I allow it to show its beauty to me. I find value and understanding in getting out into nature and looking at the new shoots rising from the ground preening for sunlight and raindrops. I see the dying tree trunks slowly returning their wood to the earth in respect and gratitude. One can really find acceptance in life and what it brings to you if you open your eyes to what is really going on around you. There is so much parallel in nature as in our own lives. The cycle plays out for us before our eyes and it wants desperately to show us all the beauty in life and to not be afraid.

Enjoy your seasons.  Enjoy the change it brings into your life. If you are hurting or need a sign – be drawn to your environment to look for healing.  Let your spirit guide you! Feel open to express your view or experience with your pen or paintbrush, your footsteps, or your camera. Open your ears to the sounds around you. There is healing in the sounds of the forest and the birds. They can remind you that you are alive and your presence here in this world still has purpose.


The same goes for the music in our lives. Allow music to guide your heart. Music will help you play out your emotions and carry you through to the end of the song. Play it. Really play it out. Over and over and over again until you feel at peace. Find a song that fits your journey and let the vibrational words and rhythm fill your soul until you are full. Music can draw out pain like medicine if you let it.


I took all this photographs during the first year after my husband’s passing from cancer.  I found photography and writing to be a way to help me heal from my pain and trauma.  I encourage you to find a passion for releasing your own pain.  It will give you something to look back on and remind you of how far you’ve come!