The Ripple Effect

For Nicole, the waves you create impact my life more than you know.  xoxo

This is no new story. The Ripple Effect has been told for thousands of years in many different forms. It is a beautiful, timeless analogy of what good deeds towards others have out there in the world. The effect is exponential in nature and the enormity of it usually goes without notice as we move through our busy lives. I saw this vision of the ripple effect soon after Jordon passed away. I saw him and his death as a lighthouse for others. To me and to others this experience was big enough to send waves across oceans and then the shores it touched sent the message back. You touched me, I touch you. The sharing of these loving waves back and forth, back and forth cause reverberations that never stop and span out across oceans and create impact wherever they go. It’s beautiful to see two waves crash in together and how they meld into each other, absorbing each other’s energy. Such is the act of intended as well as random kindness and good deeds towards others. When we show love, appreciation, and good will towards another~ we start the ripple in the ocean of life. That receiving soul then is moved and buoyed by that act and is impacted for the better. The energy moves on and through that person to the next and the next and those that are impacted also carry on the ripple. The expansion is limitless because when it reaches a shore it reverberates back. Karma is at play on the beach here, taking notice. The wave will come back to you~ sometimes in subtle ways that often go unnoticed, other times it crashes into us and carries us up the beach a ways laughing the whole way. When we learn to feel this and open our eyes to the expansive ocean and realize just how far our loving actions can carry out and the love that is returned to us we can live in a state of peace and happiness knowing that our impact in the world whether big or small is having its affect. Beach volleyball anyone?

The Golden Rule


This journal is about truth and simplicity and the “Golden Rule”

There is nothing complicated about the truth. There is no debate and no angles. And there is simplicity. The farther into complications and diversity in belief we get, the farther from the truth we find ourselves. This is precisely where religious dogma gets in our way and knocks us off our spiritual paths we were intended to follow. Judgment of others and their faiths or beliefs, man-made rules and behaviors and covenants that do not serve a greater purpose that are exclusionary, take us further away from simplicity and truth and all things inclusionary and good. We are all connected, and we bond to those we meet in our lifetimes that are in our paths for a reason. When we feel this, acknowledge it, and live by it we become enriched and graced with love and support and understanding from one another. That was the message from all the spiritual leaders and philosophers that have come through our different cultures over the ages. They all stated simple truths and if you notice, the ones that were stated that were most impactful and timeless- are the simple ones. The golden rule is a supreme example:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Simple, complete, truthful, and enough to fill a lifetime of purposeful good intent that will pay you back richly with rewards.

The simple truth is we are all divine, all loved by a benevolent God, and given uniqueness for a reason. The uniqueness is for sharing and not for dividing. This message is simple but all-encompassing from the faith we chose to follow as a family all the way down to when the clerk in a store hands us too much change and then we decide what to do about it. It is one simple truth with an unlimited amount of examples and possibilities on how to apply it.

So how does this all relate to Jordon and why am I delving so deep into this discussion? The answer again is simple. Jordon lived by the golden rule and he was richly paid back in all ways possible. There were hundreds of people at his funeral and tributes and prayers coming from everywhere. He lived his life as justly as he could and I am in awe of how much he impacted others. His memorial service was truly a humbling experience and it serves as an example of a life well lived-