Seek Out the Positive: Message to the Media


We see what we look for. We hear what we want to hear. We believe what we want to believe.

We are all now glued to the news shows. The reports are on the terrorist events of recent, politics and campaigning, and how the world is responding. Are we stopping to think that there is a whole world out there where positive things are happening in response to these atrocities along side of this violence, hate, misery, and grief?  What is making us a society that wants to focus only on the bad? When did evil and hate and violence become the dominant topic of choice and not love, compassion, helpful acts, peace and sharing?  When did our good elemental human aspects fall out of favor in the media and our need to see the negative be allowed to overwhelm our senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing? Here is my humble perspective for what it’s worth….

I have turned on the TV very few times since Jordon died. Both times were to check the weather forecast or to watch a movie or two. Last week I was glued to the TV watching the violence unfold around the globe. Wow! What a different feeling I have now as I watch what is going on in the world. I feel like I just returned from a space journey to land in a new time. I’ve had enough to deal with on my own little planet with losing my husband to cancer last year and because of that other issues haven’t made my priority list lately. The murder and protests, the refugee crisis, and the state of the world economy that are being portrayed in the media are giving slant and focus to this negativity.  This is so telling of where we all are from a mental perspective nowadays. The media is so perpetually negative.  It’s not all their fault, as we seek to see what we must protect ourselves from, yet we create a skewed image that builds with time.  We are tuning in and plugging emotional energy into the negative and breathing quantum physical life into it all. We see negative images on TV or other media, feel it, and absorb it and some of that energy manifests into our beliefs and value systems. It grows there. We become acclimated to it and accept it as truth.

Well~ it isn’t Truth. We can change what we want to see and believe. We can turn our own minds away from this darkness we feel around us that is omnipresent in the media and into the light if we collectively want to. Negativity has manifested over the years in the media and there are those out there that want to maximize this fear and dread.  We have to stand up and stop this energy by the use of love and the need to see the good in the world.  We need to seek out examples of the positive. Focus on what we can do to be a more loving, tolerant planet for the greater good.   We can do this in a positive fashion with even greater possibilities of transformative manifestation. With personal intent we can refocus that which ultimately serves us better as people, friends, co-workers, families, neighbors, and the larger society.  We can change our worldly perspective.  Focusing on the positive, the giving, the support, the servitude even in the midst of hellish situations helps the roots of our mind grow to know that love will overcome these past two weeks.  Darkness and evil will not win, but they are trying like they never have before.  We must be aware of this and respect this energy as a reality.  BUT~ We, the Collective Human Race, will win this battle through positive acts and our core understanding that a benevolent God and the universe created us all.  We win through knowing that we are all good souls on this earth.  Together we will learn who we are, living together in peace and harmony and accepting and enjoying each others unique differences as has and always will be the intention of why we are here to begin with.  The media has the power to do this too.

Try to seek out positive examples and let its ripple effect flow into our minds and hearts.  Be that person this week that does something good for humanity whether it be big or small.  It all matters.  It all makes a difference.





The Placebo Effect


 All that is true in this world is not completely defined by statistical theory or by medical testing or study.  There is no spiritual control group here on earth as we all have souls.  There is no human placebo because there is Oneness, we all belong.  We are all one and the same.  Scientific understanding has ended in the past with the tangible.  We, as intelligent humans are now testing and proving the science of quantum physics and our knowledge of everything is changing.  This field of science is finding the truth that energy is in everything, including the intangible.  Herein lies the meeting point of science and the divine.  They co-exist as brothers creating what we know as life in the physical and life in the spiritual.  Life is sourced energy that never dies and flows in and out of physical form, in and out of different dimensions, and love is at the core.  Love is the most powerful positive energy and the source of it is God.  We are all moving in that powerful magnetic direction towards this love through life.  The Source, or God, is scientifically identifiable through our spirit in the form of our need to love and be loved.  Think of it this way:  We close down physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually without love.  With it, we move forward.  It’s spiritual and physical mathematics.  It is quantifiable.  Joy and love within the heart equals health and wellbeing.  A lack of joy and love and connection with others equals sickness. Examples abound on this phenomenon.  Look at babies who are left without connection to others in their cribs in orphanages or the elderly who live alone without care and interaction.  What happens to these poor souls?  Then think of a scene at a park with children and parents playing and enjoying a picnic.  What do these two types of interaction or “lack of” teach us about health and wellbeing?

 The truth is hidden in plain sight in all medical journals.  Look at The Placebo Effect.  When someone takes a placebo pill in a study and thinks they are doing something good for their body or mind, they often show a positive result in the outcome of the testing.  How does one take a placebo blood pressure pill and reduce their blood pressure? It happens.  How does one take a placebo antidepressant pill and feel happier?  It happens.  The mind is not playing tricks, and the blood pressure does go down.  Why?  Because we BELIEVE and that belief sends tangible energy and hope and emotion to the source of our souls and to our physical bodies to heal.  This is the truth hidden in The Placebo Effect and in the study of quantum physics.  Positive beliefs become things.  There is real healing happening and we just look over it as a fluke, yet it happens over and over again, patient after patient, study after study.  I love this truth.  God gives us the power of intelligence to heal ourselves and to learn how to develop medicines to improve our lives.  Medicine is good.  Science is good.  Medical studies are good.  And so is The Placebo Effect and our ability to heal ourselves through believing.

The Great Awakening

It’s happening. Love is spreading everywhere~ silently, slowly, with great care and forward motion. Slow steady pressure. Humanity is starting to look itself in the eye and ask the real questions that matter. The reason is now we are connected as a human race. We speak on global terms. We know so much more about people, culture, and history than we did even fifteen years ago. We no longer have to rely on the news and history books and newspapers. We are all directly linked and connected and we are all beginning to understand how much we really are alike. We all love the same. We love our children. We all grieve and experience loss at some point in our lives. We bask in happiness on shorelines all over the world and enjoy good company and family and friends. The silent majority is sane and becoming vocal. We are stable. We love others. We care. The world is coming to a point where the chasm of good and evil is widening and the veils are falling down. We can no longer be fooled by those who try to create a false story of a whole group or nation of people as “evil” or wrong. We know better.

On a massive divine scale, there is a oneness of souls. We are all connected and moving forward in understanding and knowledge and learning that love is at the center of everything. The universe is calling us to understand energy and vibration through quantum physics as well as remembering the basic fundamental rules of life~ do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Science and Spirit are proving each other right, not wrong. There is a great merging of thought happening now and it is beautiful. Thoughts become things. We are so far advanced in our understanding of energy that we realize our minds have the power to create. Thoughts have mass. Energy transfers where thoughts go. It doesn’t die. Neither do we. We move forward in spirit and energy and join the Great Connection.

Sometimes a deviation happens in time and our free will and choices lead us down the wrong road both on a personal level as well as a global community. It has been too long but we are finding our way back. We as a global community need to embrace our differences, forgive on a personal to a global perspective in order to heal ourselves. It takes each one of us. We all matter. Our contributions to the greater good are vitally important whether they are in the form of time, money, energy, thought, prayer, hope, or kindness. We all have the power to tip the scale in our favor.

I rarely run across a conversation with someone who has not been tapped on some level by this energy that is circling the globe. More of us feel comfortable discussing the energy we feel within us and around us. Many of us are able to be open and tap into that energy and see farther, understand more, and share it with others. If this is happening to you, do not be afraid. Fear is only a request away from being gone. The answer to this entire discussion is simple. All the most important truths are simple. We just have to believe it.

Love conquers all.


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